About Us

Global Animal Products, Inc., (GAP) is headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, and is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of organic trace mineral compounds for food-producing livestock, horses, and companion animals.  GAP manufactures and markets ZinMet® liquid zinc methionine and LiquiTrace® liquid mineral supplement to the feedlot cattle, dairy cattle and swine industries.  These products also are well-suited for the poultry industry.

Ken Ridenour, the sole stockholder and President of GAP, formed the company in 1992 originally under the name of KER Associates, Inc., to take advantage of market opportunities for zinc methionine in the feedlot cattle industry.  His leadership in the development of new technology and innovative production methods has enabled GAP to supply zinc methionine more economically by eliminating certain middlemen costs.

GAP emerged from a start-up company in October 1995 to become the industry leader in the manufacture and marketing of liquid zinc methionine.  After initially marketing exclusively to the cattle feedlot industry, GAP began marketing to the dairy market in 1999.   Then, in 2005, GAP implemented plans to market to the swine industry.

Also, during 1998, GAP began marketing internationally as Ken Ridenour entered into a joint venture arrangement with Antony Hoey of Forbes, NSW, Australia, to form Austasia Animal Products (AAP).  After initially leasing a production facility in Australia to manufacture ZinMet® to be sold to Australian feedlots, AAP constructed its own manufacturing facility in Forbes and produced its first batch in May 2003.

In September 2001, GAP introduced ZinMet® into the feedlot cattle market in South Africa when it began a distributorship arrangement with NutriBasics of Standerton, South Africa, owned by Mark Kane-Berman.
GAP’s administrative offices and manufacturing plant are located in Amarillo, Texas, USA.